HeY HEY! It's So Nice to meet you!

First off, let me say I am so glad you are here. I know there are lots of websites that are all competing for your attention, and the fact that you're here wondering about little old me is truly humbling. 

I'm a mom, wife, and photographer who is sometimes described as a free spirit. I like to think I just have a bit of an artist's soul, which makes me a much better photographer than say, an accountant or a computer programmer (if you're either of those things, I salute you. I could not do it). I will do anything for some real, authentic smiles and moments-and I'm not afraid of taking some risks so you have some of the most unique portraits around!

I could tell you my entire life story, but I don't think that's what you came here for. So, here's four things you need to know about the lady behind the camera lens:

  • I am always thirsty... like always. Having 5 different beverage options in front of me is my idea of living my best life.
  • Me and my adorable husband have four amazing children, and one rambunctious fur baby. On a related note: what is this "peace and quiet" I sometimes hear about? If you ever want to stop by and just bring me wine, thats is OK with me!
  • My husband's nickname for me is sunflower. So, next time you see a sunflower I bet you'll think about me :)
  • Me and photography were meant to be... I just didn't always know it. I started taking photos as a hobby and the idea of making it into a business just sort of grew legs of its own and here I am. Thank goodness the universe brought us together!

Now it's your turn! I would love to know about you, your upcoming event, or your portrait ideas. I am always down for a coffee (or margarita) date and I love meeting new people. So, please... let's connect!